song two: super sprinters!

while Noah and i are both chomping at the bit to release songs old and new, we decided that because Moses was so reluctant to record last week we should go with one of his songs, in hopes it would generate some excitement about the process and help him feel less shy about recording his voice. it could not have gone better!! we kept the song brief, and kept recording sessions quick and fun... and he quite obviously enjoyed himself! he was shaking his bum and getting sassy during his takes — it was the cutest!!

the best part for me was how Moses consistently wanted to experiment and explore new ideas with each take while recording, instead of trying to "get it just right" — i absolutely love the freedom he has and am so excited to see what fun ideas he comes up with as the year unfolds! he recorded the keyboard melody he wrote, vocals, and hand-claps. noah recorded ukulele and some keys, and i recorded some hand claps too.

for one of the parts, Moses was pretty confident that his second take was the one, even though Noah and i thought the last one was best — but upon review it turned out he was right! this makes mama so proud!!! i have long had this philosophy that music, or rather my music, should be recorded live... so it has life in it! for years, i'd sit down, warm up, and record up to three takes... and that's it. the best one wins! i'd record guitar and vocals together, instead of tracking them separately. i always found that after three takes, it was all downhill from there. i am just tickled that Moses only wanted to do a few takes, knew which one spoke to him, and didn't need it to be perfect to consider it worth sharing. so good!! there is beauty in imperfection, and we want him to grow to value honesty and vulnerability in his music every bit as much as excellence and preparation, if not more!

Moses believes every super hero should have their own theme song, and this is his rendition of a theme song for an imaginary league of super heroes called "Super Sprinters!" you can imagine his song playing as the opening credits for the superhero cartoon roll on...

we did ask him if he wanted to say anything to people when we send out his song, so he grabbed his ailing ipad and wrote you all a little note! by the way, the website reference doesn't exist... he just made that up! where does he get these things?!

my Note is about super sprinters! (that are really a group of superheroes.) …1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13:13 super sprinters!😏😎  (the end)/!

next week i'll be recording a cheeky lovesong for Noah in honor of his birthday, which is tomorrow, Monday the 11th! i wrote this song for him after his birthday 11 years ago... when we weren't actually even dating, so i guess the song worked?!

we hope you're enjoying this little window into our world!

love, love, love,
julie jane, noah, and moses.

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