song three: burn for You

in lieu of the promised old angry love song that got me the guy (did i mention last week that it was a goodbye love song?), we ended up recording a song of Noah's that has been stuck in my head and heart. i think he started in on it when we were in Jerusalem in 2014, but i'd never actually heard it until about two months ago. we had stopped by to catch up with our dear friends and my old pastors, Craig and Vicki, while we were home for the summer, and having seen us in all of our VW driving, bell-bottom wearing, patchouli smelling glory, Craig felt compelled to invite us to come be the token hippies at his annual Burning Boy youth retreat. the Burning Boy poster even featured a long, brown haired hippie that looked just like Noah, driving an old, orange VW van... how could we not?! getting to have my boys along for a weekend of shenanigans with my favorite wise cracking, guitar string breaking, burnt toast hocking pastor was, well, like a window to my soul for them.

anyway, it was a complete mockery of Burning Man (for you internationals, it's a thing in Nevada that i don't really know about but still feel compelled to make fun of) and culminating, as one would expect, in the burning of a huge wooden effigy... except when it came time to light the fire, the large man-like statue was knocked over to reveal a tiny little wooden boy, just ready and waiting to be burned at the stake. actually, there were a lot of things that almost burned, but didn't thankfully, as the kid lighting the torch over in a wooden structure across the field inadvertently set the place on fire! he was supposed to light it up and run it out, as one might do to light the fire at the open of the Olympic games, or some other such nonsense, but in the end it was all the adults who did the running... though it took a few seconds for it to click what was happening! so we ran over, unhooked the propane tank (that was me!), put out the fire, and saved the day!

but back to the music, the day before we joined them at Burning Boy, Noah unearthed his "i want to burn for You" song in honor of the occasion and effortlessly wrote the rest... and it's been stuck in my head ever since! i did cannibalize a little part from a love song Noah just wrote me, because my heart felt like it belonged here... so you may hear the whole come north wind, come south wind part in another song soon.

i realize this is rather like a stream of consciousness journal entry and not a proper song introduction, but we are now past our midnight deadline (you know how we do!) so we're just gonna roll with it. but all jokes aside, this is what we're here for — this is both the now and the not yet which we are devoting ourselves to: loving Jesus with all we are and all we have.

Oh Yeshua, I want to burn for You

Now that I have seen Your face
Nothing in this world could take Your place
To love You is my one desire
Jesus, set my heart on fire

Oh Yeshua...

My heart's the altar, Your love's the flame
Lord, You take my breath away
Fire falls on sacrifice
Jesus, You can take my life

Oh Yeshua...

I give You everything, I give You everything now Jesus
I give You everything, I give You everything my King

I burn for You...

Come north wind, come south wind
Awaken, wake up
Blow on me, come carry
The fire of Your love

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