song ten: awake!

Noah wrote this song towards the end of our time in Jerusalem back in 2014... i think the first time we sang it was the last time we led worship there. it's based on Isaiah 44 and 52 and really captures our heart for bringing joy and hope to the Middle East!

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 5.36.53 PM.png

this is our favorite song thus far, because Moses just sounds so cute! he had turned three years old only 10 days before we recorded it. when Moses first heard Noah's voice in the headphones, he thought it was Jesus singing... and you'll hear him talking about heffalumps at the end because we rewarded him for recording with a Winnie the Pooh movie (and rightly so).

we are making this one available to all... click here to download the song. if you're not one of our subscribers and want to jump on the wagon, you can subscribe here!

awake! awake!!
clothe yourself in your strength, o Zion
wrap yourself in your beautiful garments
o Jerusalem, o Jerusalem

sing for joy o heavens for the Lord has done this
shout aloud o earth beneath
burst into song you mountains, you forests, and your trees
for the Lord has redeemed Israel
for the Lord displays His glory in Israel

rise up! rise up!!
shake yourself from the dust o Zion
break the chains off your neck o daughter
of Jerusalem, o Jerusalem

sing for joy o heavens...