song four: sweeter than honey

we had our 10 year anniversary on friday! ten years!! friday was also the autumnal equinox, as well as the end of Rosh Hoshanna, which is the Jewish new year — we are definitely feeling a huge sense of this being a turning point: a new season, a new year, a new decade! we spent 10 minutes together, trying to rattle off as many things we could remember that we’ve done in our first 10 years, somewhat in chronological order:
* went to europe
* climbed many mountains
* paid off over $50K in debt
* went to europe again
* Noah built several hundred harps, among other things
* spent 6 amazing years living on the shore of green lake in seattle
* made an amazing little person (and had an incredible pregnancy and an epic home birth!)
* went to Hawaii
* lost 4 babies, had cancer -- but got healed!
* quit our income and left everything to travel the world, chasing after God for a year… which has turned in to many (we are just starting year 5!)
* traveled 10,000 from Canada to Mexico to Texas (that’s a country, right?!) in a VW campervan
* spent 3 months worshiping in Jerusalem
* traveled 10,000 miles in another VW all across 10 European countries, worshiping on mountaintops and high places
* lived and traveled in a campervan for a total of about a year and a half, and lived in a (very cute) vintage trailer for almost a year while designing and building a tiny house on wheels
* lived off grid for 6 months (and it’s not as much fun as it sounds)
* wrote hundreds of songs, most of them straight out of the Word
* moved to California so we could go to the best ministry school in the world
* Noah went on a mission to Africa
* learned we can do literally anything together if we put our hands, minds, and hearts into it…

not bad for the first 10 years, right?! my present to Noah was a t-shirt that says, "SHOFAR SO GOOD" which pretty much says it all. we can’t wait to see where the next 10 years take us, especially now that we are getting a clearer picture of what our purpose is and what all these crazy adventures have been building towards! it is truly amazing now that we can finally see beyond the here and now, to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture, and to be able to look back and say with certainty what our hero in the faith, Paul Manwaring, so often says: He wastes nothing, He gets you ready.

so in honor of our anniversary, our weekly offering is a very sweet little love song Noah wrote for me… we hope you feel the feels!

sweeter than honey...

who is this
that appears like the dawn
fair as the moon
and bright as the sun
majestic as stars in process
my darling, my lover, my best friend

you’ve stolen my heart
my beauty, my bride
you’ve stolen my heart
with one glance of your eyes
how delightful your love
you thrill me inside
sweeter than honey
sweeter than wine

who is this
that sings like a dove
opens the skies
with heavenly love
my heart is undone in your presence
my darling, my lover, my best friend

you’ve stolen my heart…

come north wind, come south wind
awaken, wake up
blow on me, come carry
the fragrance of her love
when you meet her
you’ll see what i mean
she’s a queen above all queens
have you seen her
“let me tell you all about
my favorite features” (Moses always says this!)

the way she surrounds me
with patience and love
the way she don’t say things
that aren’t true and straight up
all my days
i’m completely amazed
by the way she calls my name
with the sweetness
the way she pulls on my heart
until it’s beating out of my chest
have you seen my love
have you seen her…


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song photo by Julie Harmsen