song eight: you was my baby

in december 2015 Noah woke up from a dream with the first line of this song in his head... exact words, exact melody, exact timing. he laid awake a long time and wrote the rest of the song in his head while Moses and i slept, the three of us all cuddled up in bed together. the days may feel long, but the years do fly by...

i ain't nothin in the world if i ain't your baba
ain't nothing in the world if you ain't my child
aint nothing we can do if we ain't together
but o-dee-o how the times does fly

oh, where does all the time go
oh, oh my little Momo

i remember back when you was my baby
held you up close in the palm of my hand
but i can see it now, if you don't stop growin
soon enough, gonna be a man

oh, where do all the years go
oh, grow my little Momo

if you only knew just how much i love ya
if you only knew whatcha mean to me
nowhere i wouldn't go just to keep you by me
love you to eternity

oh, where does all the time go...