song 41: hunnybee

it's summertime in Seattle!! it feels so good to be back in our homeland. we drove north last week to spend a couple weeks in Washington, seeing friends and family, getting some time in the mountains, and taking care of a few things. one of our primary missions for this trip is to deal with all of our belongings that have been sitting in a shipping container in Marblemount for the past few years. sorting through all of our keepsakes and memorabilia has been quite a trip down memory lane. earlier today, julie jane happened to come across a paper with the lyrics to this song that i wrote during the early days of our relationship. at the top, it was addressed “to my love”, and at the bottom were three hearts and “jj”.

i wrote this song during an early morning walk through Seattle with my guitar. it was the beginning of summer, and the people of the city were not yet stirring. i began playing my guitar as i walked the streets of Ballard, and came up with this little riff. i came to one of my favorite places, Sunset Hill, a park with a fantastic vista overlooking the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains to the east. i hopped the fence and sat in the grass on the edge of the bluff above the water. my eyes caught a flash of red, and i turned to see a tiny hummingbird floating in the air, looking at me. i began to sing to it, and as i sang, a few more creatures flew by, and i sang to them as well.

this is an ode to Seattle in the summertime, to little flying things, and to true love…

o hummingbird o hummingbird
your body burns so bright
the way you gleam the way you glow
in the early morning light
you hover here your lover’s there
that bird that makes you sing
so fly away o hummingbird
go see what true love brings…

o butterfly o butterfly
so soft upon the breeze
you flutter by you flutter by
you float with the greatest ease
the way you kiss me on the cheek
it brings me to my knees
so flutter by my butterfly
and kiss my baby please…

o hunnybee o hunnybee
so fuzzy o so round
how do you make how do you make
that funny buzzy sound
go bring it back go bring it back
your honey to your queen
so buzz away o humble bee
go see what true love brings…

o ladybug o ladybug
o boy you’re lookin’ well
you open you open up
that round and and speckled shell
you fly away you fly away
go on and spread them wings
now fly away my ladybug
you’ll see what true love brings…