song 40: my son

from Noah: tonight as our son Moses Star was going to sleep, we all three lay in our big loft bed under the open skylight, the summer sun going down behind the mountains. i turned this song on quietly and began transcribing the lyrics and thinking about what to write about it. as the song played, i felt Moses cuddle in closer to me. he buried his face into my side, and i noticed muffled sobs as he listened to the voice of his Baba sing this love song for him. i put down the laptop and held him close as his tears spilled onto my bare chest…

after our tears of joy together had turned to smiles, he asked me: “how do i even know this song…?” I told him: “i wrote it for you when you weren’t even a year old. you heard it when you were just a tiny baby… if you ever wonder how much you’re loved, if you ever wonder how much your Baba loves you, you can just listen to this song… it’s gonna remind you how much i love you…”

as he fell asleep with his head on my chest and a smile on his face, i was blissed out. this had to have been one of my happiest moments as a father! every parent longs for their child to know how much they are loved. what a joy to see evidence that my 6-year old son actually gets it! he is such a blessing, such a gift. i fell in love the moment i met him, and i can honestly say that i fall deeper in love with him every day. becoming a father truly is one of the best and most rewarding decisions I've ever made. whatever fears i had prior to parenthood of the responsibility and the unknown that would come along with it have long been eclipsed by the joy of having Moses in my life. not a day goes by that he does not amaze me in some new way with his ceaseless creativity, his capacity for joy, his tender heart, his childlike wisdom, his brilliant mind, his beauty…

Moses decided that Father’s Day was going to be 3 days long this year, and i agreed. this moment with my son on the eve of the third day definitely made this the best Father’s Day yet…

i saw that sun away up there
dangling in the clear blue sky
i thought no star could shine so bright
til you looked into my eyes

oooh my son, my son
darling little one
best thing i have ever done
oooh my son

i felt that sun right through my skin
warm this heart inside my breast
i thought no touch could be so pure
til you laid upon my chest

oooh my son, my son
darling little one
now your day has just begun
little rising sun

soon as i saw you i suddenly knew
life doesn’t end it begins in you
all of my fears disappeared like a dream
in the glow of your glorious gleam

oooh my son, my son
brilliant little sun
star and moon, yeah you outshine every one
oh my little son

i saw that setting sun go down
down to sleep behind the clouds
i thought my light would soon be gone
til you came along
shine on little Star, shine on…