song 37: come again

As Moses lay awake before falling asleep tonight, he told us, “I feel like I wanna give my heart to Jesus all over again”. When we asked him how he wanted to pray, he prayed all on his own: “Jesus, I give you my heart. I give you my soul. And all my love”. I think this is Jesus’ favorite prayer. I sang this same prayer in a song years ago, without realizing it, during a period in my life when I wanted nothing to do with Jesus. But somehow, He still answered my prayer…

“Will You take my whole life?”

For last week’s song, “The Day of My Salvation”, I wrote about how Christ came to me unexpectedly, and showed me how He had  been carrying me through all the years I was looking for God and truth everywhere else but in Him. As I sat in the back of St. James Cathedral, overcome by His unrelenting love for me, memories came flooding back to me from throughout the years I had been running from Him. I could see how He had been there all along, though I didn’t realize it until that moment…

Numerous songs I had previously written, including “Come Again”, came to mind during this epiphany — songs I had written without really understanding their true meaning. But as this song played in my mind that evening, I was brought to tears, realizing I had written about this very moment years before it actually happened! I had been singing to Jesus without even knowing it.

Here is “Come Again” just as I wrote and recorded it several years prior to this experience…

i remember dreamin’ about you
and how you’d come along again
to catch my eye
all this time i’ve waited without you
til i awoke to find you here inside me

oooh will it take my whole life
when you come again
will you take my whole life

i’ve a feelin’ i coulda met you
in another world
before this world came round
i’d forgotten all about you
until my heart gave out again inside me

oooh will it take my whole life
when you come again
will you take my whole life