song 36: day of my salvation

From: Noah

Twelve years ago today, I had an unexpected encounter with Christ that changed my life forever. I had grown up going to church, youth group, and attended a Christian college in Seattle. After college, however, I grew disillusioned with church and religion, and set out on a quest to find truth for myself. I spent much of my 20’s exploring other spiritual paths, philosophies, religions, paths to enlightenment, states of mind… I never doubted the existence a divine power, but from what I’d experienced, I felt like Christianity was the last place I was going to find God. I had always felt that life is a gift and a blessing, and had been continually compelled by an inner longing to give my life back to the One who gave me life. Still, throughout this journey, God remained more of a vague concept to me than someone I could love. I wanted to know God, but I didn’t know how to reach Him.

Then, on the evening of May 20, 2006, while wandering around First Hill in Seattle, I passed St. James Catholic Church and noticed a sign outside on the sidewalk that read: “Music and God”. Intrigued, I walked through the church doors to the heavenly sound of orchestra and choir reverberating throughout the stone cathedral walls. I was immediately struck by the sensation of some spiritual presence that I couldn’t explain. Although this was an incredibly beautiful piece by J.S. Bach (Mass in B Minor), what I was experiencing was even deeper than the music itself. I sat down on the pew in the very back of the cathedral, and took it all in. Throughout the performance, the presence I was feeling grew stronger and stronger, becoming more and more real. Finally, it became so overwhelming that I asked in my heart: “Christ, is that You?”

The response was immediate. In that moment, the music swelled up and washed over me like a tidal wave, and I heard Him say, “Yes, this is Me. I’ve been with you all along. Even though you didn’t know it was Me, I’ve been carrying you this whole way”. In that moment, every puzzle piece of my life fell into place, and I could see how Christ had been carrying me for all these years. My heart broke in repentance as I realized how long I had been rejecting and pushing away the very One who had been endlessly loving me, protecting me, caring for me… I wept uncontrollably for the remainder of the concert, overwhelmed by His grace and mercy. I had wanted nothing to do with Him, yet He had come and revealed Himself to me. It was the most real thing that’s ever happened to me, and it transformed my life instantaneously. From that moment on, God was no longer a vague concept, but a Person. God was no longer just some distant cosmic force, but someone I could know and love and talk to just like an ever-present best friend. One encounter with God’s love changes everything…

I spent the rest of that Saturday night dancing for joy at a dance club, watching the sun rise, and rejoicing that I had finally found the One I had always been looking for, the One who had been with me all along without my even knowing it! When I woke up later that day, I wrote this song…

The day of my salvation
overcome by grace
I finally heard You calling
I finally saw Your face
My heart no longer wanders
off to seek another sun
The day of my salvation’s come!

The day of my salvation
I finally made a choice
to listen to my own heart
to listen for Your voice
My mind no longer wonders
where does all this Love come from?
The day of my salvation’s come!