song 35: o Jerusalem

in honor of Jerusalem Day in Israel today, we are posting a song Noah wrote in Jerusalem, about Jerusalem. we value freedom of religion, and we also value peace. we were intentional about the lyrics of this song so as to be able to be sung by both Christians and Jews... admittedly we don't know as much about the Muslim religion as we ought, but as much as we'd be able if we were fully informed, it would be our heart that all would be able to sing the same prayer for peace. one of the meanings of shalom is the Spirit that destroys chaos, and that is our prayer for Jerusalem and all of its inhabitants, regardless of race or religion. we hope you will join us in releasing peace over Jerusalem and the whole of the Middle East...

we've been sitting on a development for a while that we weren't ready to share — hoping things would change but they just haven't: at this point, we won't be moving to the Middle East in the fall. we'll spare ourselves the telling of all the details, but the decision kind of happened to us. it was super unexpected but also unmistakable. we've had our share of tears, confusion, and disappointment... and have emerged on the other side of it seeing how this is really the best thing for our family, and especially for Moses. we still have our sadness and are holding onto hope that this is simply a delay, but we are also looking forward to a season of putting down roots, of rest, and of focusing on our family. we'll be heading to Seattle for the first two weeks of July (over my birthday, so prepare yourself for some spa-time ladies!), but won't be able to summer there due to work, so pray for us to survive the Redding heat! after this year's fantastically epic year, Noah and I have both decided to do the third and final year of school next year (which was our original plan), and Moses, who has been having a very pleasant and uneventful time in school the last two months, will continue another year at the same school (after that we'd like to homeschool him). i'll be keeping my position with the disaster relief organization, and Noah is going to reboot his private music lessons career in mid-July. actually, he's going to teach songwriting lessons for children! it's something he's super passionate about, really gifted in, and very excited to pioneer. if you are in Redding and want to know more about songwriting lessons for your kid, drop us a line — his focus will be songwriting, but he has 8 years of experience teaching private music lessons (piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, etc) in the Seattle area. so good... and hard... and happy... and sad... and boring... but exciting! and i think that's all our news?!

we release the shalom of heaven over your hearts and minds, over your home and families, over your finances and circumstances, and we invite you to join us in praying for the peace of Jerusalem...

we pray for your peace, O Jerusalem
for peace within your walls
may those who love you be secure
within your citadels

we pray for peace, O Jerusalem
we sing shalom
we shall not cease til you have become
heaven's home

come Messiah, Prince of Peace
Almighty God of Grace
the kingdom of heaven's coming down
to rest upon this place

we pray for peace, O Jerusalem...

come Prince of Peace
come Lord of Love

we pray for peace, O Jerusalem...