song 32: tiger league

from Jj: today we are releasing the next installment of Moses' superhero theme songs, which is dedicated to our very dear friend Sheila. Sheila originally introduced Moses to the concept of the super hero theme song one evening when she was over hanging with us in the tiny back in September. she started playing the Spider-Man theme song on the guitar... which was mind-blowing, obviously. as Moses was pretty excited about the Hulk that particular week, i pulled up YouTube trying to find his theme song, but all i could find was that super sad song they'd play when David Banner was walking down the middle of that long road at the end of the show (that's how i remember it anyway) and Moses was asking why it was so sad and i said it was because the Hulk was actually a good guy who would always try to help people, but he was misunderstood, and in light of being so misunderstood at school himself at that time, Moses just LOST IT. i mean, he was WAILING. playing that sad song and explaining the complexities of the Hulk's interpersonal relationships so near bedtime was totally a rookie mistake on my part, but i will always cherish that memory as his feelings we were so big and so raw and so tender — and it was actually a huge breakthrough in him letting himself find his tears in front of someone other than Mama and Baba. So Sheila, you're officially family!

from Noah: a few weeks ago, he created a coalition of 12 superheroes called the "Tiger League", and assigned specific super powers to each one. he then built each character out of legos, with a custom superhero vehicle (out of his imagination) to match. the next step was to write a theme song, since every superhero needs a theme song! he wrote all the lyrics, which feature several of the superheroes in the Tiger League, including Cheetah, Scorpion, Ox, Squid, and Night Falcon. at some point last year, he composed a track using loops on an iPad music app for kids, and called the piece "King of all the Hulks". i thought it would make a nice backing track for the lyrics, theme, and melodies Moses had come up with for Tiger League. i had Moses sing the lyrics through my vocoder, while i played the notes on the keyboard. and there you have the Tiger League theme song, which Moses is extremely proud of! It's pretty legit, as far as super hero theme songs go!!

tiger league
tiger league
we will not run away!
tiger league
tiger league

eyes on the prize
claws on the paws
if you’re Cheetah
you’ve gotta have some jaws
he’s awesome
he’s colossal
he’s Squid Squid Squid
awesome! colossal! Squid Squid Squid!

tiger league...

he’s more like a pin
cuz he stings a lot
he’s Scorpion, he’s Scorpion
his name is more like a fox in a box
he’s Ox Ox Ox Ox Ox Ox Ox!

tiger league...

he’s on the balcony
he’s on the balcony
he’s has baby birds that look quite falcon-y
he’s Night Falcon Night Falcon Night-Night Falcon
hight Falcon Night Falcon Night-Night Falcon!

cuz the tiger league…