song 24: your beautiful

as we'll have family in town for the weekend, we are opting to send out this sunday's song early, for valentine's day! tonight Moses surprised me with my valentine's day gift: a love song called, "your beautiful!" we decided to record it while he was singing it for me, and since he nailed it, we're making it our next song...

apparently last weekend Moses told Noah that he wanted to write me a love song for valentine's day, so Noah told him to write some words down in Notes on the ipad. they ended up going outside because Moses wanted to find his melody (and didn't want me to hear). Noah said tonight that Moses read the words and then put his hands over his ears to help him hear the melody, and then hummed out the notes just as they are in the song. Moses said he could feel the song inside of him, and the notes were just glued to his brain! Noah says that he came up with the ukulele part, but he didn't arrange anything or change anything... the words and melody and song structure and phrasing are all just as Moses made them! Moses is growing sooo much!!

after recording, he hugged me and said, "now you know how much i love you, and i love you even more than that..." my Mama heart is absolutely MELTING! so there's a lot of love going on here right now... we hope you're feeling it too! happy valentines day!!