song 21: watchmen wait

Noah is flying solo on the banjo this week, as Moses is still on the mend and i've been super sick in bed all weekend. he wrote this song back in august, one morning when he was out "singing the sun up" in the field next to our tiny house. he wrote the entire thing, based on Psalm 130, in about 20 minutes. if you're a songwriter, you know what an intoxicating experience it is to write a song that pours out of you so freely that it almost carries you away and you almost don't have time to write it down! and as i was writing just now, Noah told me a story about singing the sun up with this same song last weekend... he said he walked out to the field singing and playing his guitar, and he walked right past a small falcon sitting on a fence post (he thinks was a kestrel), and got close enough that he was really surprised it didn't fly away. it just sat there and watched him sing as the sky grew pink... and then he looked over and saw a herd of six deer all watching him sing... and it just felt really significant, that the beauty which loves to gaze upon that makes him feel so close to God was here gazing upon him as he was worshiping the Lord. all creation waits in eager expectation... (Romans 8:19)

so it's not the kind of love song we'd intended to produce this week, but it is indeed a love song...

in the morning, Lord
You hear my cry
i wait in expectation
with a song of praise
i fill the sky
with love and adoration

more than watchmen wait for the morning
so my soul waits for You
more than watchmen wait for the morning
so my heart longs for You

as i turn my gaze to seek Your face
i feel You here beside me
and i hear the sound of symphonies
that You're waking up inside me

i wait
i wait for You

how long
o Lord how long...