song 20: momocito

nobody here can figure out when or where or why we wrote this song or how it came into being, but it's something we sing a lot together... our little nickname for Moses is "Momo" but we often call him Momocito: little Moses. Momo is short for Moses Moon. his middle name is Star, same as Noah's, but when he was only two he was pretty adamant that his middle name was actually Moon... which was weird. weird because he was insisting his name was something else, and also weird because we almost named him Moses Moon instead of Moses Star!

but the song itself serves sooooo many purposes: it gets him out the door in the morning, it helps him survive boring car rides, it saves the day by redirecting him when he's freaking out, and it makes him feel loved and delighted in! Moses said this was the funnest song we've recorded yet, because we recorded it with all of us singing around the mic together... and now he says that's the only way he wants to record! it has been such a joy to watch him find his voice!!

hey hey
ho ho...

hey momocito
my, my momocito...