song 18: spider ninjas!

this week's song is Moses' latest super hero theme song installment, entitled super sprinter spider ninjas... also referred to as S.S.S.N. or just plain old spider ninjas, for short. he wrote it while Noah was in Zimbabwe last spring, and every time we'd go somewhere, Moses would sit in his carseat with his little vintage Yamaha battery operated keyboard and practice, practice, practice. when we picked Noah up from the airport we surprised him with a welcome home party in the vanagon, complete with confetti, cake, balloons, a homemade banner, love notes, a huge green salad (produce is one of his love languages), and for the grand finale: the debut of Moses' new song!

when i asked Moses about his inspiration for the song, he informed me that, "i wrote the title because i like superheroes so much... so there you have it, that's the whole story!" he also mentioned that, "it's cool + awesome!" here are the words, which Moses came up with spontaneously:

iron spider's creeping through the door (apparently, iron spider is spiderman's sidekick)
spider man is shooting webs way more

we hope you like it! we've turned on the comments for this entry, in case you have anything you want to write to Moses... he worked hard on this one and we think he did a great job!

big love + lots of Momo hugs...