song 16: i'm Your Mary

we had planned for weeks on recording a peppy Christmas tune Noah has been working for our Sunday song this week, but as he was playing it for me two days ago, he struck the first chord and i heard something else entirely... so here's a little song hot off the press! i finished writing it on Christmas Eve a few hours ago, and now at 1:30am we are about to record what i refer to as a scratch track = not for reals, just for reference.

the song itself was first conceived of back in 1994 as i was pondering the response of Mary when the angel Gabriel told her that she was going to give birth to Jesus. she said in Luke 1:38, "I am the servant of the Lord, may it be done to me according to your word." it sparked this idea in my mind that each of us is invited to be Mary, embracing what many might misunderstand, what some might reject or fear... and that while we aren't bearing actual children, we do bear His name. more recent is my personal identification with the experience of not being at home, or at least not feeling at home, and of being displaced in a time of need. two days ago we finally completed a few crucial things on our tiny house which allowed us to have our first meal sitting at a table together as a family... eating a nutritious, home-cooked meal... using actual dishes and silverware... in a space that actually feels like home... and then i did the dishes — and i don't mean out in the yard using the garden hose. it is a shock to suddenly feel at home! it has been an unexpected journey, with many twists and turns, and we recognize how present the Lord has been with us through all of it. anyway, there's Mary, in the ultimate state of vulnerability, with no room. but we have room... we have a space, both inside and out, into which we can invite God With Us.

we pray you all have a beautiful and peaceful Christmas!

may it be to me
just as You say
i'm Your Mary
Lord, have Your way

so come, so come...

when i'm far from home
when i've no place
when i've borne Your name
You come + You remain

my heart has room
my heart has room
there's room for You
my heart has room

Son of God, You came
as Son of Man
in a manger laid
Your rescue plan

so come, so come...