song 15: it only gets lighter from here

in honor of winter solstice in a few days, Noah recorded a lovely little lullaby he wrote back during the height of his band days about the shortest day of the year. it's not a complaining song, but rather a celebration of a new beginning! i hear a little of Kermit the Frog's Rainbow Connection in there somewhere, and Noah recently realized that he has two songs that talk about days growing longer and hearts growing stronger (the other being U.S.E's Emerald City)... and we were marveling about how all the songs he's written and co-written with his music-family have all been so life-giving. both of the bands he is in write almost exclusively about love and family. it's really something that both have devoted themselves so fully to filling the world with joy and hope, especially considering that so much of the music out there is so negative. so have hope! even in Seattle, when the shortest day of the year reeeally means something... the light is coming!

so this one's for you Jason, Jonny, Pete, Derek, Carly, and Amanda! we are loving and missing you more than you know!!

in other news, Moses isn't on the recording this week, as he's been quite sick for a while and doesn't sound like himself at all... which has delayed the release of our Christmas EP as well. his are always the last parts we record, so please pray he recovers quickly so we can finish up our holiday songs for you!

from the 21st day of December
til the 21st morning of June
light comes to stay
it'll linger a little longer every day
all our hopes will soon be coming true

cuz it only gets lighter from here
let it shine every day of the year
as the days they grow longer
our hearts they grow stronger
it only gets lighter from here

with the darkest of days now behind us
let us make our way into the light
if it's cloudy today
well it doesn't really matter anyway
cuz the moon will be shining tonight

and it only gets lighter from here...

as we live one more time 'round the seasons
it's so good to be with you my friends
yesterday's past
let us live each day as if it is our very last
and be thankful when dawn comes again

cuz it only gets lighter from here...