song 13: Christmas honey

Merry Christmas everybody! we love, love, love Christmastime and have been happily recording Christmas tunes all week... we are having a blast!! we have an oldie but a goodie this week, which Noah wrote many years ago. there's a rather festive version of it out there somewhere with lots (LOTS) of actual jingle bells on it... so we decided to do a version that's a little easier listening and more our usual vibe. although i just listened to the final version and didn't realize Noah had been recording Moses and i when we were laughing hysterically all afternoon! between that and whistling in harmony, its a little sillier than we had planned, but we like it!

have you ever tried whistling in harmony? it ain't easy, that's for sure. there aren't many things that make me giggle uncontrollably, but whistling in harmony in public is at the top of the list! i remember whistling Two of Us by The Beatles in harmony at our dear friends' wedding and oh man... even avoiding all eye contact, there was a moment there i honestly didn't think i was gonna make it! you simply cannot laugh, or even smile, and whistle simultaneously... it's. not. possible. and yet whistling makes joy bubble up inside of you, right? it's cruel, kind of.

anyway, here's a little fun trivia for you: the original version of Christmas Honey actually made it into a Lifetime made for TV movie: Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever! are you impressed?! we never actually saw the movie but we hope the song gets you in the Christmas spirit!

i don't want your presents
i don't want your money
just tell me that you'll be right here
with me this Christmas, honey

we don't need to go out
cuz all we need's right here
we can make this Christmas feelin'
last all year

nevermind that present
nevermind what's in it
the sentimental feelin's only
last about a minute

Love's the only reason
for all the Christmas cheer
we can make this Christmas feelin'
last all year

i want a holiday all year long...