song 12: i am the beloved

Noah wrote this song for me back in 2014… we had abandoned everything and were chasing God around the world, but at the same time i was really pissed about having lost our baby and having had cancer. i was also having a hard time with our transient lifestyle. i wanted that life, and yet it was incredibly hard. the duplicity of trying to love and serve God while trying to stifle my intense anger and drinking daily to dull the pain left me feeling like i was suffocating under a mountain of guilt and shame, wanting to run to God but constantly finding myself running from Him instead. but Noah has this amazing gift of being able to see who people really are… past how they are acting, past what they are saying, and past how they appear. he just kept telling me who i was (even when i wanted him to shut up about it!) and wrote me this song to help me remember how the Lord saw me… even in my pain, even in my anger, even in my sin. what God says about me, what He says about you, is truer than what we think or how we feel.

i am the beloved
in Jesus my Savior’s eyes
i am redeemed
bought by the blood of Christ
a child of God
heir to the Most High King
with Him i reign over everything

in You my true identity
in You i find true life
in You i find my destiny
i am the bride of Christ

i am forgiven
washed by the blood of Christ
all sins forgotten
erased from the Father’s mind
a new creation
with Christ i’ve been crucified
and as He arose, now i arise

in You my true identity…

i am the beloved
the Savior has called me friend
in Him i am
the righteousness of God
light of the world
in darkness He makes me shine
yes i am His and He is mine