song 11: the official march

little Moses wanted a turn sharing a song this week! he has a little app on his iPad that is like GarageBand (a recording software) for kiddos... it's pretty great. he gets to choose an instrument to play, and each instrument comes with 40 or 50 pre-recorded 4-beat sound clips. he can mix and match to make the melody he wants, and add other layers of instruments, and even record his own voice over the top! so this weekend he made this song (with only about 5 minutes of help from Mama on one of the eight layers of instruments he has going on) and then we all recorded the "vocals" together...

he decided he wanted to call it "the official march" and said "it's like a battalion of soldiers holding flags, ready for a parade!" -- wow, right?! as the daughter of a veteran, i'm so thankful that Moses is internalizing our family value of appreciating and honoring those who've devoted their lives to making peace, keeping peace, and fighting for our freedom. so for all our veteran family and friends, bless you! thank you for your faithful service and your willingness to sacrifice to secure and maintain the many freedoms we all enjoy!

Moses deciding his song was about soldiers at the ready for a parade is especially meaningful to me because of something i had just told my father on friday to honor him on Veteran's Day: i had remembered hearing a story when i was young about how my father (i call him Poppy) had returned home from serving our country for four years only to find a hostile atmosphere where veterans didn't want to be identified for fear of being slandered and spit on. what a horrible injustice for our service men and women to live as heroes and then return home not only to not being honored but also to being treated with disrespect and dishonor after everything they'd sacrificed and endured for our sakes. even when people don't agree with the fight, it is still possible to value and respect those who are laying down their lives to serve our country! anyhow, i'd told my Poppy that i was so proud of him for serving our country, and that i was throwing him a parade in my heart and blowing him kisses and covering him in confetti and waving the flag and welcoming him home as a hero! Moses could not possibly have known this... and i hadn't even told Noah.

so here we are actually throwing all of you who've sacrificed and served a little parade in our hearts... thank you! thank you for fighting for freedom and for peace. we bless you to live lives now marked by peace and rest, anchored and at home in God's love. we pray the wounds you've carried physically, mentally, and emotionally as a result of your faithful service will be healed and that you will be fully restored and made whole. we do not take our freedoms for granted, and we are so grateful for your willingness to fight... we honor you for the price you have paid to leave this legacy of freedom for the generations to come!