sweet little Jaxon,

you are a miracle in the making! our family has absolutely fallen in love with you we are praying for you morning, noon, and night, day after day, and we won't back down. we are releasing healing and declaring over you that NOTHING IS LOST. we wrote this little song a while back when i had uterine cancer and the Lord had told me He was going to heal me, but i hadn't yet been healed. and in that in between, tumbling down the rabbit hole not sure just how dark and deep the hole would go, we clung to Christ and the words He spoke to us: these dark days don't last long.

this song was a declaration written from a place of peace in the midst of utter desperation when the answer given had not yet been made manifest, when the waiting was excruciating and the unknowing was unbearable -- and we declare these words over you too: that these dark days don't last long! nothing is lost!! we pray it heals and comforts you, and fills you with hope...

these days...
these dark days don't...
last long
so i will hope on

there for a time
this weary heart and wounded mind
was all i knew
and then came You

these days...

and when You came
You sent Your word and healed my pain
where could i hide
You alone have the words of life

these days...

so i'll believe when You say nothing... nothing is lost
and i will cling to You no matter what it costs
oh Lord, You know
You're my hope... You're my hope

so i release my testimony over you Jaxon that the Lord fully healed my uterine cancer (and i never did go to chemo) and He also healed me of seizures! we release healing and restoration, hope and peace, strength and life over you, Jaxon -- over your precious body, and over your family. we speak peace to your brain and command every seizure, ever electrical storm to cease -- we bless your brain's inhibitors to function flawlessly to naturally calm and reign in any electrical activity in your brain that is not beneficial. we bless your kidneys to be fully functional, and we bless your body to eliminate exactly as God intended it to when He dreamed you up before the foundations of the earth. Lord, we pray you would release supernatural wisdom and divine strategies for all Jaxon's health care providers -- that they would care for him as if he were their own, that you would guide their hands and minds, and that you would release creative solutions from the storehouses of heaven through them as they care for Jaxon. we release the shalom of heaven over you, to saturate every fiber of your being from the top of your head down to your sweet little baby toes. be healed, in Jesus' name!

sending love and hope and an endless stream of prayers to you and your family...
julie jane, noah star, and little moses weaver
(2nd year BSSM students)

and a lullaby for you too...