Foto by Lisa Schuler

Foto by Lisa Schuler

Starweaver Studio…

Starweaver Music Lessons take place in the tiny house on wheels my wife, Julie Jane, and I designed and built ourselves! The music studio is in a large loft, which is roughly 8x11 feet, with a low ceiling, and requires children to climb a 6’ ladder in order to enter and exit. In the studio and throughout the house, we have a variety of instruments available to explore, including guitars, banjos, ukuleles, a mandolin, several keyboards, several drums, and a chest full of percussion instruments. Please note that the entrance to our tiny house requires one to be able to navigate a non-standard flight of stairs. Our tiny house is located in Redding, California, just off Old Alturas Road.

Starweaver Instrument Lessons…

I am now offering beginner instrument lessons for children of all ages on ukulele, guitar, keyboard, banjo, and harp. I am also offering musical exploration lessons, intended for children who want to try a variety of instruments to find which inspires them the most.

Starweaver Songwriting Lessons…

Starweaver Songwriting lessons for littles is not based on a curriculum, but on a lifetime of creativity and many years of relating to children musically. I’ll be connecting with and responding to your child, empowering them to follow their great ideas, helping give voice to their inspiration and imagination, and prayerfully considering how to nurture their own God-given creativity. Whether they decide to write about cupcakes or their forever love for their sweet, sweet Mama, I will work to help guide your child's thoughts, emotions, and imagination into an expression that captures their heart and opens a door to both creating and sharing what wells up within them. Please read my About Noah page to learn more about my years of experience teaching music to children…

During the 6-week round of lessons, we will:

  • spend the first few weeks focusing on playfully crafting a song

  • spend the next couple weeks teaching your child to play their song on the ukulele if skill level allows (please see the notes about this below!) while putting the finishing touches on their song

  • spend the last week making a live recording your child singing their song

  • and beginning in Winter 2019, we’ll finish up each round with a coffee-house performance where your child can share their song live with friends and family (with or without my assistance, depending on their skill and comfort level)

Notes about your child learning to play their song on the ukulele: if your child is struggling there is no pressure to perform! The whole point is for your child to find their voice and for self-expression to become a delight to them, so please allow your expectations to follow your child’s abilities, needs, and interests. Additionally, if your child is able to play another instrument such as the keys, guitar, or drums, I’ll gladly accommodate them — however this portion of the round is not intended to teach your child to become proficient on an instrument, but merely to enable your child to play their song on their own!

if your child excels musically, I will match them! But if your child is a slow burn, please respect their process and accept that the first round or two of lessons we may need to focus more on laying a foundation for creativity than actually producing or performing. I do commit, however, that at the end of each round, each child will walk away with a recording of a song that they’ve made a strong contribution to writing, with a recording — and beginning in Winter 2019 they will also have an opportunity to perform, should they so choose.

As with my own son, I am confident that as they contribute all they are able and are free to enjoy the greatness of the song they collaborated on, with each passing round they will grow in passion and ability until they are able to really own both the process and the product. The goal is stirring up and cultivating their creativity, not pressuring them to produce. My heart is to nurture their passion and show them what is possible, and I trust that as parents you will honor their process and allow them to become at their own, unique pace!

Unlike most music teachers, I am not scheduling lessons back to back. I have created breaks between lessons, and I ask parents to arrive 5 minutes before the lesson begins so I have time to warmly greet, connect with, and focus on your child before the clock starts. I believe that building a connection helps establish a sense of safety and results in greater freedom for them to be creative! I have also scheduled 5 minutes after lessons to say a proper goodbye — this is the perfect time for parents to chat with me if they have any questions or concerns that they weren’t able to address over email during the week prior.

Please know that the cost for songwriting lessons takes into consideration the reality that for every 30-minute lesson, as I teacher I will spend a minimum of 30 minutes each week focused specifically on your child outside of the lesson. From hellos to goodbyes, to documenting your child’s progress (writing out their lyrics and charting the chords), to managing audio recordings sent to parents each week, to answering parent emails, to mixing down the live recordings, to planning the final performance (beginning Winter 2019) — I am investing much more time focusing on your specific child than the minutes spent with them in the lesson itself. Thank you for supporting me in offering this unique opportunity for you child!

Sign up for lessons here, or listen to a few sample songs