Foto by Lisa Schuler

Foto by Lisa Schuler

Starweaver Music Lessons…

I am now offering songwriting lessons and beginner instrument lessons on ukulele, guitar, keyboard, banjo, and harp for children of all ages. I also offer musical exploration lessons, intended for children who want to try a variety of instruments to find which inspires them the most. I am located in Redding, California, but am available for lessons over FaceTime and Skype for those outside of Redding. While my primary focus is on teaching children, I’m open to teaching parents as well.

Starweaver Music Lessons is not based on a curriculum, but on a lifetime of creativity and many years of relating to children musically. I’ll be connecting with and responding to your child, empowering them to follow their great ideas, helping give voice to their inspiration and imagination, teaching them beginning instrument techniques, and prayerfully considering how to nurture their God-given creativity. Lessons look quite different for each of my students, even students within the same family. It it my heart to follow each child’s passion as they explore music. Some children enjoy focusing more on songwriting, others more on learning an instrument, and still others shift from week to week. Whatever route we take, it is my hope to fill homes with music that brings families together. Whether they decide to write about cupcakes or their forever love for their sweet, sweet Mama, I will work to help guide your child's thoughts, emotions, and imagination into an expression that captures their heart and opens a door to both creating and sharing what wells up within them. Please read my About Noah page to learn more about my years of experience teaching music to children…

We’ll work on a new song for each 6-week round of lessons to keep the children captivated! Children focused on writing will also have the opportunity to learn to accompany themselves (most likely on the ukulele), and children focused solely on learning an instrument will have the opportunity to dive deeper into technique and theory. All students will record their song live at their final lesson, be invited to participate in a coffee-house performance at the end of the round, and be given a CD with their recording as well as a digital file.

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