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Noah Star worshiping over Israel in 2014…

Noah Star worshiping over Israel in 2014…

I believe every child is naturally creative, was born with a unique and powerful voice, and has a song to sing — they simply need help learning to let the music within them become!

I grew up in a musical family, and began playing violin and trumpet in middle school, as well as guitar and piano in high school — but it wasn’t until I attended University that I discovered I had a song inside of me. I met my future bandmates that first day of college, and am still making music with them over 20 years later. I majored in European Studies and minored in music while throwing myself into our bands and getting an entirely other education in creativity and collaboration, performance and audio a bit of engineering.

In the last 20 years, I have played in multiple bands, written hundreds of songs, released numerous records, played countless clubs and music festivals, toured the US many times and Japan thrice, had a handful of hits at the top of the charts in Seattle and Japan, and written a song with my bandmates that grossed nearly a million bucks over the last decade. I’ve taught music to children for nearly 10 years, in addition to the last five I’ve spent intentionally cultivating creativity in my own boy. I’ve taught a variety of instruments (piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, cello) to children of all ages, and taught at the Paul Green School of Rock in Seattle — but I found my calling when I discovered the joy of opening up a world of creativity, connection, and self-expression for my six-year-old son, Moses.

In 2017 and 2018, I spent a year writing and recording 50 original songs in 50 weeks in collaboration with my wife and son, and over the course of the year witnessed such a transformation in our boy! Whereas earlier on he was tentative and I played a bigger role in helping him develop his ideas into completed songs, he has grown in both willingness and ability to take his ideas from those first sparks of inspiration through to fully developed songs almost entirely on his own initiative! And with each new song he writes, his voice and his confidence continue to grow.

No one else in the world has your child's voice. No one else in the world has your child's heart. I want to help your child discover the joy of creating the song only they can create — of learning to sing the song they were born to sing. The ability to express oneself is an incredible gift and a valuable tool for navigating life’s joys and sorrows. In my own life, songwriting has been instrumental in deepening my walk with the Lord and in learning to hear His voice. Learning to co-create in partnership with Him has been a constant source of delight and a stabilizing force in my life. The time I spend with your child is about more than writing, recording, learning to play and instrument, or performing a song — it’s about building a foundation for a lifetime of creativity. My prayer is that it will be a time of impartation and an invitation for them to step more fully into their identities as co-creaters!

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